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"Cooperio" is the Latin word that means "to completely cover". Custom made by Countryside Decorators, that's just what our adjustable covers do. They completely cover not only your therapy table (massage/esthetician/PT, etc) but any special padding you use in your practice for the comfort of your client. They are made to be easily disinfected between clients to help you stay safe and meet with the standards set out to reopen.

About Our Leather
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Hi! I am Teri Baldassari owner of Countryside Decorators.  My own massage therapist was desperately searching for some way to be able to cover her table/padding and headrest so she could safely restart her practice after the shutdown.  She asked me if I could design something for her.  Thus Cooperio Covers were born!  Through my research I found the perfect non porous vinyl that could withstand the repetitive disinfecting process but yet was soft to the touch.  The best part is I designed it to be specific to each therapists needs and adjustable!  I'm hoping to help as many therapists as I can to reopen their business safely!

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